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!! OMG, crimes against the eyes and ears: Westboro Baptist Church cover Lorde’s ‘Royals’ and post very unglamorous Vine !!

I’ve always thought that auto-tune was the work of evil forces, and this just proves it!
Westboro Baptist Church has been fast at work in their underground redneck bunker recording studio, learning Melodyne and laying down their hot vocals in a casual baseball cap and without a stitch of makeup on (kind of like Xtina does) for their cover of Lorde‘s ‘Royals’. (If you want your ears to plead the blood of Jesus Christ, then go ahead click play below… seriously, I could only handle 3 seconds.)

Sadly, there’s no filthy rap break from Shirley Phelps at the bridge like I was hoping for… they did however post a Vine (find it after the jump) from outside Lorde‘s concert venue after Lorde instructed her fans to kiss them, where the hatemongers showed off their latest ready-to-wear busted fashions. Gas-station-sunglass-tower-meth-head-ready-to-wear vibes all around.

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