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!! OMG, that’s not Beyonce! First look at Neil Patrick Harris as Hegwig !!

NPH as Hegwig in Hedwig And The Angry Inch [towleroad]
Vicky B is depressed about the Kim and Kanye two-become-one VOGUE cover [celebitchy]
Franco swears he never f*cked Blohan [popbytes]
The Westboro Bapist Church to picket liquor store that put champagne on sale to celebrate Fred Phelps‘ passing [joemygod]
Winnie Cooper and D.J. Tanner put on their best Vegas waitress costumes for dancing with the stars [socialite life]
Ellen Page to present Laverne Cox with award for being awesome [queerty]
Finally! A slut dress for fans of Harry Potter [unrealitymag]
Dressed in all black like an annoying omen: Taylor Swift steps out as a springtime goth [dlisted]
Kit Harrington of Game Of Thrones covers GQ [boy culture]
Chris Evans covers Variety [ohlala]
Top 10 Beyonce Instagram tour photos [celeb cafe]
Who’s on the cover of the stuff that lines your cat’s litter box this week? [kenneth]

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