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!! OMG, gossip: John Travolta gets threaded in too tight, butchers Idina Menzel’s name !!

John Travolta‘s OSCAR wiglet was a thing of beauty [celebitchy]
Matthew McConnaughey mentions everything in his acceptance speech (…except of course for the person he portrayed, or the AIDS that the film was about) [dlisted]
The Top 10 Ellen Oscar Moments [celeb cafe]
The worst-dressed stars of the Oscars [socialite life]
The most cringeworthy Oscar acceptance speeches ever [unrealitymag]
Justin Bieber walks the line in the slammer (VIDEO) [popbytes]
Zimbabwe President Mugabe backs Uganda’s anti-gay laws after finding out there are homosexuals in his country [towleroad]
Former WWF wrestler Jesse Ventura argues favourably in support of gay marriage citing it as “the civil rights movement of our time.” [boy culture]
Arizona: “Don’t want gay customers? Great. Let us know who you are. Put up a list online, hang signs in your windows, and we will take our business elsewhere.”Dan Savage [joemygod]
Bebe Zahara Benet serves up “Face” in new video [queerty]
Are you moving across the ocean for a piece? MTV wants to exploit your ass! [kenneth]
River Viiperi hawks some free shit (shirtless) [ohlala]

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