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!! OMG, he’s naked: ‘Terminator: Genesis’ and ‘Divergent’ actor Jai Courtney !!

Jai Courtney is set to become the next big action star. He’ll appear in the upcoming installment of the Terminator franchise, has appeared in the last Die Hard film, and is currently playing in the box-office hit Divergent.

Check him out after the jump!

Jai Courtney 11.jpg
Jai Courtney nude
Jai Courtney nude
Jai Courtney nude
[via justadream.org]

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    Last four pics are from “Packed to the Rafters” an Australian tv show.

    I love Jai Courtney! He’s so sexy I just wanna mmmm!

    LOVE the hairy chest! Nice ass too.

    I thought he looked familiar! Loved the first season of Spartacus! I think there was a plot in there somewhere…

    Those are from Spartacus….but there i not much ass there to show….LOL

    Two of those pictures are from his role on Spartacus.

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