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!! OMG, VIDEO: Toronto's crack smoking mayor Rob Ford appears on Jimmy Kimmel !!


Kimmel ushered in Toronto's Mayor Rob Ford with some reggae vibes to compliment his fake "Jamaican" accent on Monday night! And it all went downhill from there! Jimmy sort of went right for the bloated, red jugular, bringing up Ford's "domestic abuse, drunk driving, racism, homophobia and inability to tell the truth."

Check out the interview below!

When asked who paid for his trip to Kimmel, Ford spokesperson Amin Massoudi said:

"Mayor Ford and Coun. Ford are paying for themselves and the staff," Massoudi said. "The 'Jimmy Kimmel' show paid for one dinner."
ONE DINNER!? One dinner just isn't gonna cut it! Ford also said:

"The apologies are over, I'm moving on." He said people will judge him on his "proven track record."

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» posted by Igor on Tuesday, March 4, 2014
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