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!! OMG, gossip: Blohan denies sippin’ vodka during KODE Magazine interview !!

It was TEQUILA, obvi! [popbytes]
Jon Hamm calls Justin Bieber a shithead [dlisted]
James Franco stars in new Gucci technicolor ad [ohlala]
Muthaf*ckin’ GIS! Gis Budchen sings Blondie‘s Heart Of Glass [kenneth]
Teens react to Mean Girls ten years after its release [socialite life]
Ricky Martin plops new video [joemygod]
Matt Bomer reveals he’s been married for years [queerty]
Laura Prepon hasn’t gone to the dark side yet, isn’t dating Tommy Girl [celebitchy]
Art History’s 10 Best Alternative Male Nudes [boy culture]
Deleted scenes that changed classic movies [unrealitymag]
Prop 8 judge describes gay past, ex-gay therapy [towleroad]
YOUR Top 10 Avril Lavigne videos (and NONE is not a number!) [celeb cafe]

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