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!! OMG, gossip: Zefron gets his furry nipples out at The MTV Movie Awards !!

Zefron shows off his 70’s beefcake bod at the MTV Movie Awards [dlisted]
Leo DiCaprio shows off his sweet dance moves at Coachella [celebitchy]
Blohan was “almost in The Avengers” [popbytes]
That’s what happens when you fill your video with dudes in speedos: J.Lo honoured by GLAAD [boy culture]
RuPaul issus a Rupology for ‘transphobic slur’ used on RuPaul’s Drag Race [towleroad]
…meanwhile, Adore Delano gets her hoo-hoo out on Tumblr [queerty]
“I must politely decline” Is Kartrashian making Beyonce one of her bridesmaids? [socialite life]
Children meet THE WALKMAN :O [joemygod]
If Aussie rugby player Brenton Lawrence of the Sea Eagles ever quits sports, he could make a killing over at ChaosMen [kenneth]
If Disney characters swapped genders [unrealitymag]
Sean O’Pry for Harper’s Men Thailand [ohlala]
The 10 ‘Worst Dressed’ from last year’s MTV Movie Awards [celeb cafe]

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