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!! OMG, gossip: Tom Daley & Dustin Lance Black coordinate their outfits like a true Hollywood gay couple !!

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black step out [socialite life]
LeAnn Rimes freezes hubby’s jizz [celebitchy]
Justin Bieber compares love to the sizzurp in his sippy cup [popbytes]
Frank Ocean post shirtless selfie [dlisted]
Your Top 10 Toronto Mayor Rob Ford “moments” [celeb cafe]
Mean Girls turns 10 [boy culture]
HAWT! South Dakota GOP Rep Says Gay Sex Is “One Way Alley For The Garbage Truck” [joemygod]
The first ever Bollywood video for gay rights has arrived! [ohlala]
Jason Priestly talks shit about everyone in his new book [kenneth]
93 percent of college dudes enjoy cuddling with their straight bros [queerty]
ROBO-SNAKES!!! [towleroad]
This week in movie trailers [unrealitymag]

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    They look so happy. And that’s what it’s all about…

    They’re such a hot couple.

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