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!! OMG, we’re having a retro MOMENT: Nike Is Re-Releasing the ‘Air Mariah’ !!

Attention Lambs! Nike is re-releasing the AIR-Mariah, an oldschool sneaker blessed with the name of your favourite flighty pop chanteuse! It has nothing to do with her, but too bad, because it actually does just by EXISTING!

The Nike Air Mariah PR debuted in the ’80s and last released four years ago, but looks to be on the comeback trail. The retro runner is equipped with a crisp white upper with red and blue accents and its signature patterned heel. The Air Mariah is labeled as a Tier Zero release and is expected to hit select Nike retailers starting this Saturday, May 31.

Mimi gets it! NIKE is properly having a RETRO MOMENT!

[via complex]

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