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!! OMG, he’s naked: Roy Jones Jr. !!

It’s a sad tale you’ve probably heard before: Sexy professional boxer sends nudes to his girlfriend, then breaks up with her. She gets pissed and leaks them to the Internet. This happened to Roy Jones Jr., poor guy!
After you have shed your tears, enjoy the NSFW pics after the jump.

Click to enlarge.
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    I am about to shove some boxing gloves up my bum while I think of Roy Jones Jr punching my nuts like a speed bag. Mmmmmmmmm

    yummy, I Want The Chocolate bar!

    Roy still looks as phine and hot as he did back in his fighting days. He looks like he has more than enough to satisfy.

    People exaggerate so much. From all the hype I was expecting to see some super micro penis, he’s not all that small he’s just a regular sized guy. porn has really messed up a lot of people.. smh

    Is anyone missing their cocktail weenie? LOL,LOL,LOL.

    damn shame… on all fronts. LOL.
    Native NYker

    sucky sucky..

    Ugh! I guess he doesn’t smile.
    Considering that he’s probably fluffed to the max I’m not impressed. I’m grossed out. He looks best in the clothed photo.

    Finally! A brutha. Thank you.

    Well, he’s certainly hot and handsome with nothing to be ashamed of

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