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!! OMG, his butt: Ex-US Marine turned model Alex Minsky at ‘Broadway Bares’ !!

Broadway Bares, the annual HIV fundraiser which raised over 1.3 Million this year featured not only James Franco but ex-US-marine-turned-model Alex Minsky.
Minsky lost his right leg in Afghanistan after his truck ran over an explosive, and has since turned his misfortune around with a successful fitness modelling career. Check him out walking the Broadway Bares runway after the NSFW jump!


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    Leg or no leg, The Guy Is Gorgeous!! After coming back from fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan and having the courage to be in the public eye, wounded or not, is Fantastic!! Not to mention that this Man is Absolutely Gorgeous!!!

    I’d have to slap those ugly, dried-up old whores hands off of me … ugh!!! Can you imagine? (insert vomit noise here) Hilariously, if the roles were reversed, he’d probably arrested for harassment or some such drivel.

    Who cares about the tats? That ass is epic!

    I love it so much that he still wears red, white, and blue.
    God bless him.
    (although he seems to have blessed him in many ways already!)
    And thanks to him his service on the battlefield and on the home front.


    he has a hot ass but it’s not like these are the first nude pics of him. he has shown his ass and dick in numerous pics.

    He’s really really cute. I can appreciate the why behind the tats, but… I just wish the ink were a little toned down.

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