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!! OMG, keep it in your cheeks: Jody Claman of ‘The Real Housewives Of Vancouver’ SUES Mary Zilba Over Comments After Shooting !!

Shit is really hitting the fan over in ole Vancooter Canada, eh!? Not only did OUR MIA get shot up at a gas station over the past weekend and sent to hospital, but now pop chaunteuse Mary Zilba has opened her big cheeks to release a statement saying that Mia is mixed up with some UNSAVOURY TYPES. Now Jody Claman, Mia‘s mother, is suing her ass:

A notice of civil claim alleges that Zilba made defamatory comments to CBC to the effect that Deakin associated herself with criminals or individuals of unsavoury character and that Deakin herself engages in criminal behaviour.
“Further, she made statements to the effect that Ms. Claman knew or ought to have known that Ms. Deakin allegedly associates with criminals.”

The gall! How dare, Mary — Really! I wonder what Ronnie‘s lips have to say about all of this? Here’s a preview of how Jody will act in court:

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    good god of course jody rolls with gangsta’s……..how else would she get her money.

    This is bullshit as always Jody can not sue Mary over comment Mary made about her 20 something daughter…the only one that could sue is Mia! But then Mia would have to prove non of her friends are shaddy! So like normal Jody is a crazy bitch!

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