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!! OMG, right wrong and triumph over evil! Watch the first trailer for ‘Sailor Moon Crystal’ !!

Sailor Moon has been rebooted and titled Sailor Moon CRYSTAL!
I know what you’re thinking: “This finally explains those huge, f*cked up eyes!” But NO, Tina! The girls do not spend the entire first episode looking for a pair of 10 dollar Oakleys at gas station, cleaning their apartment frantically while leaving cryptic dark answering messages for friends they haven’t spoken to in years — that’s a DIFFERENT type of crystal episode — but it does still involve an evil queen. Check out what it’s really all about below:

Based on Naoko Takeuchi’s legendary manga series, Sailor Moon Crystal retells the story of Sailor Moon, the Pretty Sailor Guardian of love and justice. Usagi Tsukino may be a little clumsy and a bit of a crybaby, but she’s got spirit. One day this cheerful eighth-grader meets Luna, a black cat with a crescent moon mark on her forehead, who gives Usagi a special brooch that transforms her into Sailor Moon! Now Usagi is on a mission to protect a princess, find her fellow Guardians, and keep the Legendary Silver Crystal out of the hands of the evil Queen Beryl.

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