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!! OMG, snuggle bunnies: Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black PDA it up in a parkade !!

English diver Tom Daley and his arm-candy boyfriend Dustin Lance Black (a blonde cocktail waitress Tom met while in Las Vegas) enjoy some post-workout PDA in an underground parking lot this past week.




    Blonde cocktail waitress!! I don’t think so. He’s arm candy is actually a blonde oscar winning writer director!

    You’re new here, aren’t you lilliall?

    Yes I am…I suddenly get the awful idea I’ve somehow made a faux pax

    Welcome, Lilliall! We have nothing but love for Tom and DLB. And we’re happy for your comments! xo Frank

    They are so cute together! Thanks for the PDA fellas! Give us more!!! 🙂


    They are the cutest couple on Earth.

    I actually feel like Tom is DLB’s arm candy but whatevs.
    They’re a cute if totally random couple.

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