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!! OMG, someone better call Tyrone: Erykah Badu tries to kiss a news anchor, interrupting on-air report !!

We love Erykah Badu. She really just doesn’t give two shits! Like in the video above, were she decided to f*ck with some uptight news reporter type this week while he delivered his script to camera on air.

Badu edged into the frame wearing a giant white hat and a sneaky grin. After opening her coat to show off her outfit and then making an obscene hand gesture while standing behind Diaz, Badu approached Diaz with outstretched arms and puckered lips. He fended her off with one arm while continuing the broadcast, saying that he “couldn’t avoid a fan just now.”
Badu initially denied that it was her in the segment, but later confirmed her appearance with a tweeted apology to Diaz. Diaz responded with some sympathetic Prince lyrics, and then promised, “Next time I won’t do the NYC push back.”

And Erykah looks good these days! She is properly serving up some Mini Dickmann’s-meets-The Holy Mountain realness with that HAT!

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