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!! OMG, a new era in HIV prevention? World Health Organization suggests all at-risk HIV-negative men take HIV prevention drug as further precaution !!

Interesting news on the HIV prevention front! It seems as if WHO (the World Health Organization) has officially gotten onboard with HIV-prevention drugs as an additional precaution for people at risk, even if you are responsible and consider yourself safe. From Slate Mag:

Last week, the World Health Organization recommended unequivocally that all HIV-negative men who have sex with men take HIV-preventing drugs like Truvada. The new guidelines build on a similar proposal from the CDC, but they go a step further, suggesting that even gay men who regularly use condoms should take these drugs as a backup measure. If doctors and men who have sex with men follow these guidelines, WHO estimates that about 1 million new infections will be prevented.

For more info on the announcement, the issues some safe-sex abiding folks are facing when asking for prescriptions from their doctors, and other questions answered, visit Slate‘s article here.
And FYI people — that doesn’t mean you can go out and be unsafe and irresponsible without any repercussions! DUH! Prove that terrible stereotype wrong by keeping it safe!

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