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!! OMG, Boner-ific! Wherein German national football hero Mario Götze stands fully at attention in a Speedo !!

The man who scored the winning goal for Germany in last night’s FIFA 2014 World Cup once lost control of his down dere parts in his speedo during a a vacation in Ibiza a couple years back. The 22 year-old Götze old was vacationing with a girlfriend and things got a bit out of control while the paps were watching. Check him out after the NSFW jump. — GOAL!!!

[via homorazzi]

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    Wow, I’d like copys please. Doubles if you can get them.

    That’s not a speedo, that’s his underwear. Seems like this stud never wears more than just his undies while swimming is so freaking HAWT!

    Looks thick, to boot!

    ok this certainly made my Monday morning. very cute.very sexy.

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