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!! OMG, he’s naked! Frankie Grande from ‘Big Brother 16’ !!

OOOOH, CHILD! When Big Brother put Frankie (aka pop star Ariana Grande‘s actual gay BIG BROTHER) into the Season 16 house, they thought they were putting ONE gay in to mix it up a little — but they didn’t expect Frankie to use his magic wand on all the straight men to flip that coin a little. But it seems Cody, Caleb, Hayden, and Zach have all gotten touchy with Frankie — but here’s Frankie for those of you that have yet to hit it after the NSFW jump!

[via justadream.org]

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    That ass is a perfect place for me to dock! Not too bad. I bet his dick gets bigger though. But dad ass!

    full frontal of Tobia Menzies very hot on Outlander lallybrook episode.

    Watch the video he’s covering his balls- the shaft is slanted to his right. lol

    Seriously, his HAND isn’t even that big

    Either it was cold in the Big Brother house or maybe he is a grower not a shower cause if you can hold it with one hand you ain’t go that much to work with down there.

    How is he a dancer? He doesn’t look like he works out at all!!!

    I really wish he wasn’t holding his penis. I can’t stand when I man is naked but wont go full Monty and show his penis

    Maybe too feminine but hot guy. Id top him

    So tiny he can fit it all in one hand!

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