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!! OMG, he’s naked: VERSACE Supermodel Brian Shimansky !!

We won’t hold it against model Brian Shimansky that he was discovered by a scout as he was walking into a JOHN MAYER concert. GROSSS!
Even though that should make him less-sexy, somehow his sexy forcefield is utterly impenetrable. The VERSACE model from NJ can be found modelling the world’s most expensive birthday suits after the NSFW jump! Check him out!


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    Give it a rest hair [email protected]’s! No hair is more beautiful, go f*ck a hairball!

    Needs hairrrrrr! Wtf

    wow, what a boring cock he has

    Oh when oh when will pubic hair come back into fashion ?? Nothing says “yuck” more than a grown man with out an inch of hair in his nether regions…but I’d still do him! HA

    Remember when models used to be handsome?

    I did strangely see his penis gone and a vagina in its place. Something erotically feminine about his body. Hot guy but definitely like a guy with some body hair

    And the PEEN size is also 9 years old

    @Jorge Well thank you. 🙂

    Why are detractors always the first to post?
    If you can’t say anything good, keep your mouth shut.

    @Tony You were a really hot 9 years old boy.

    I use to look like that when I was 9yrs old. He needs some body hair to complete the package.

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