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!! OMG, rare nude: Richard Gere !!

Did you know that Richard Gere posed nude for photographer Gail Harvey sometime in the 1980s? Neither did we, until we acquired an image of the NSFW photo.
It’s reminiscent of the iconic 1971 Jeanloup Sieff portrait of Yves Saint Laurent, but is much more revealing.
Check out the NSFW image after the jump!


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    So what? He looks like crap with that hair and we got a better look at his dick in American Gigolo.

    That is an absolutely beautiful photo. I don’t even mean that in a sexual way, just artistically it’s quite nice. He should be proud of it.

    That seems like a lot of dick to me! I wonder….

    but can you see the gerbil?

    What, no gerbils?

    Looks photo shopped to me.


    The photo was hanging in a gallery show and snapped on the wall. We believe it to be authentic.

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