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!! OMG, watch this: Miley Cyrus, Moby and The Flaming Lips trip the f*ck out in LSD ‘SuperFreak’ video !!

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 5.21.05 PM.png
Did I ever think I’d hear the words Miley Cyrus, Moby, and The Flaming Lips together? No. But the world is a scary place, and I’m learning to accept that:

She’s such a big fan, in fact, that Cyrus recently filmed a video on her sick bed with them (she was hospitalized earlier this year for an allergic reaction to an antibiotic) for a trippy clip that frontman Wayne Coyne is calling “Blonde SuperFreak Steals the Magic Brain.” “This is the video we originally intended to be for a song that has a reference to the drug LSD,” says Coyne. “We were lucky enough to get a couple of hours with a bedridden Miley Cyrus. And even though she was still quite ill, she was full of laughs and great absurd suggestions.” The band also recruited Moby, who Coyne says “created an enduring, freaky character” at the musician’s Hollywood home.

Miley really has come SO far since Hannah Montana was tripping her nutsack off on salvia while being exploited by some bimbo LA chick with an iPhone. Miley owns her shit now! She just invites the cameras into her sickbed to make LSD videos! Check out their collaboration below.

[via rollingstone]

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