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!! OMG, he’s naked: Big Brother’s Cody Califore gets a lil full-frontal-y with a faulty shower privacy screen !!

Big Brother ‘s set designer really needs to look through their receipts, head their ass back to Home Depot, and ask for a return on their shower’s privacy screens — because they do not work! Their loss — our gain!
Example A: Cody Califore (not the real estate agent, the Big Brother house contestant) showing the world his junk after the NFW junk jump!

[via justadream.org]

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    1. That penis is either average of smaller end of it.
    2. Yay! Pubes! They exist! Finally.
    3. Jake, so everybody but Frankie right? I wonder at how gay guys can lust over everyone, including the homophobic birther stalker, but the contestant who’s actually gay.

    That cock needs my mouth and my throat needs his jizz!


    Yes he is HAWT I would totally do him or let him do me BUT … what is with that eye thing?

    I’m glad to see that he doesn’t shave his pubes…thank you jeezez!!!

    Very nice Cody…need a hot threesome….Cody zack and Caleb…yum

    Fuck yeah! Cody is so hot!


    Not too bad. He seems nicely hung, and he’s pretty hot too.
    Also I am think that the set designers knew exactly what they were doing when they installed those privacy screens on the showers. They keep pushing the censors every so often to see what they can get away with.

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