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!! OMG, PLUR: James Franco and Zachary Quinto wait for the drop with “Molly” !!

james franco zach quinto molly-1.jpg
Michael, the film centered around Michael Glatze is underway shooting, and the ex-gay activist will be portrayed by one other than Instagram selfie-king James Franco.
Franco and co-star Zachary Quinto posted this photo of them this week, deep into the rave, riding dat Molly train:

“Me and Quinto out with Molly! …Molly is a girl I know! Wtf!”

[via instinct]

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    LOL, that makes two of us…that would Shawn! Grab my hand bag and we’d be off! haha Have a good day buddy. JR

    Should’ve called me James. I would’ve hung out with you, Zach, and Molly!

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