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!! OMG, so helping, much salesdog: This adorable Shiba Inu dog helps run a Japanese bodega !!

On this edition of ‘ONLY IN JAPAN’: This Shiba Inu helps run his owner’s shop Suzuki, and his owner claims he’s a manipulative, money-hungry bitch who will stop at nothing to get you hooked on them cancer sticks!

Suzuki’s owner knows that having a cute dog at the front desk will entice even the strongest of non-smokers to come try a cigarette.
The dog opens the window and greets customers with a friendly, helpful smile.
For the rest of the day, he’s taking orders, napping and snacking on his favourite vegetable, zucchini.

Check out some more pics of the pup in action after the jump, along with a video!
[via MTV]


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