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!! OMG, bast boyfrand EVARR?? Tom Daley treats hot, younger, blonde twink to romantic date with helicopter and expensive champagne !!

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 4.34.53 PM.png
TD & DLB 4EVR [queerty]
South African LGBTQ-friendly mosque may close down after barely a week after opening [towleroad]
Snooki popped [dlisted]
Katy Perry is spending $4 million dollars on her Egyptian theme birthday party [celebitchy]
That woman with three titties was a fake [popbytes]
A 90’s vogue kid throwback video from the vault [boy culture]
John Malkovich‘s recent icon recreations in photo remind us of Michael Venus‘ 90’s VanGlam series [kenneth]
Fergie‘s piece AKA Josh Duhamel lookin fly on the set of Battle Creek [socialite life]
Hospital fires alleged gay basher in Philli [joemygod]
This week in movie trailers [unrealitymag]
Matthew Terry (not to be confused with Matthew Perry) covers L’Officiel Hommes Singapore [ohlala]
10 celebrities charged with domestic abuse [celeb cafe]

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    some omg readers are so thick in the head! Eko, Dean REALLY?

    Thats Dustin Lance Black with Tom and he is FAAAAAAR from a twink!

    Maybe you were being sarcastic or I’ve missed some joke, but since when is Dustin Lance Black a “hot, younger, blonde twink” in comparison with Tom Daley? Tom is 20 and Dustin is 40.

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