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!! OMG, grab the beer bongs and togas! Chloë Sevigny says NYC has turned into a frat house !!

If only it was actually that fun! [celebitchy]
Madonna shows she’s not threatened by other women or insecure about her pop status by penning song against Lady Gaga [popbytes]
Andy Cohen would like you to say hello to his crotch [kenneth]
Trans violence watchdogs issue advisory against Advocate writer and Trans activist Parker Molloy [queerty]
UK town of Glastonbury celebrates first gay marriage [towleroad]
Blohan will only sit at a table full of dudes [dlisted]
Joe Jonas for GQ Taiwan [boy culture]
Lesbians, check your statements! Major credit card hack at The Home Depot [joemygod]
Cosplay of the day: The tiniest Nightcrawler [unrealitymag]
Luma Grother by Ellen Von Unwerth for Vogue Brazil [ohlala]
The Top 10 returning fall TV shows [celeb cafe]

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