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!! OMG, he’s naked: German actor Florian Fitz in ‘Herz’ !!

If you’re German, you’ll likely know silver fox actor Florian Fitz. He’s appeared in hundreds of films since the 80’s and you can see him in 2001’s ‘Herz‘ showing his wurst after the NSFW jump!

[via restituda]

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    What’s with size queens poo pooing any dick that is not the size of two fists shoved up their gaping assholes? It seems like any dick that is fine for others is like a banana over the Grand Canyon for them! I bet their cavernous assholes even echos! Let’s try–shut the fuck up, fuck up, fuck up, fuck up…Shit, it does!

    German sausage? Looks more like a cocktail wiener to me.

    yes…but get a sausage that is ACTUALLY one!!!

    I like his German sausage. Never been with an uncut guy, but I’d like to try:)

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