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!! OMG, MAYDAY! She’s going off script! Britney does a REAL interview with surprise questions and everything (I think?!) !!

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 1.54.35 AM.png
It’s been a while since we’ve heard Brit Brit speak this much by herself without someone feeding her lines in an earpiece. She’s looking good — and it almost seems as if she’s answering REAL questions about her underwear line!
The interviewer jumps at this opportunity and wastes no time in asking Britney about her MANY, multi-faceted sides which she lists off as consisting of either SEXY Britney – or – MUM Britney. She’s got two options for her.
She also begs Brit to tell her that she’s working with Nicole Scherzinger (…UM) but Brit says no, she’s not working with Nicole Scherzinger but that Nicole is a… DEER (?)…. DEER HEART (?). Not sure what that’s supposed to mean… sounds game-y — meaty! but check out the interview below to see if you can decode that cryptic statement yourself:

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    “dear heart” is an English phrase for someone sweet. Not gamey. Not strange, just a bit outdated.

    Poor woman. Ever since the husband, kids and the drugs when in interviews she seems like she’s one push from saying something really wacky. Her nerves seem so intense like she’s working so hard to maintain control of herself, her body. She was never like that a decade ago. She seems less comfortable in her own skin. I wonder what happened?! Did she do too much X, crystal, lsd? Is she really bipolar?!

    Yeah, Dude who wrote this article, You’re a douche. How about if you don’t like her, don’t write about her.
    She used the word “like” a bit too much, but beyond that, she was good.
    Hop off her shit.

    The shade in this article…

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