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!! OMG, stealing the spotlight: Mom one-ups gay son’s coming out story with a BOMBSHELL !!

Grab the kleenex box and throw another shrimp on the barbie! [boy culture]
Melissa Rivers pays tribute to her mom in first TV appearance since the death of her mother Joan [towleroad]
J.Lo and Iggy Azalea go ASS2ASS in new video which looks like an 80’s phone sex commercial [dlisted]
Colton Haynes (not the name of someone off of SeanCody.com surprisingly) lubed up and pouty for V Man, and shot by Steven Klien [ohlala]
Gael Garcia Bernel: “Monogamy is an inheritance of medieval times.” [celebitchy]
Dandy David Gandy is a dream master, recreates the images in your head in real-life [socialite life]
NPH reveals WHY he married David Burtka: “He has the biggest d*** I’ve ever laid eyes on.” [queerty]
Kim Kardashian considers herself a victim [popbytes]
Cardinal Timothy Dolan: Gays are OK as long as they don’t do gay stuff [joemygod]
DAMNN! Opa was cute! Classic Hollwood hunk of the day: Keir Dullea [kenneth]
Cosplay of the day: Ballerina Magneto [unrealitymag]
The Top 10 desperate dudes in music [celeb cafe]

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