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!! OMG, artist Paul McCarthy erects giant Christmas Tree butt plug in Paris !!

Place Vendôme in Paris is now the home to one giant green “Christmas Tree” buttplug c/o artist Paul McCarthy!

The sculpture is the centerpiece of the International Contemporary Art Fair (FIAC), which celebrated its 40th anniversary last year. Tree also coincides with the opening of “Chocolate Factory,” the artist’s first solo survey in France, which in turn coincides with the grand reopening of the Monnaie de Paris.
The organizing theme for this special celebration of contemporary art in Paris appears to be what the French call le plug: Not only does Tree bear an uncanny resemblance to the flanged sex toy, “Chocolate Factory” will see workers produce thousands of chocolate figurines of Santa Claus holding this “emblem.”

Paris has got it good. I mean, Hong Kong worked with Paul and all they got was this giant pile of shit, so Place Vendôme is a real step up!e5828ab81.jpg
[via citylab]

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