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!! OMG, Harvard students are asked: “Who’s a bigger threat to world peace? AMERICA or ISIS?” !!

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Some might think that most Americans would blindly follow what their country tells them in regards to war, and maybe that’s true, — but the SMARTEST in the country aren’t so easily sold.
Check out what Harvard students have to say when asked whether America or ISIS is a bigger threat to WORLD PEACE. Check it out below:

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    Looks like the 60’s never died.

    Wow – what complete idiots! I think it is funny how the FAR left seems to think the US is the worst nation on the planet, and the FAR right believe that it is the best nation on the planet.
    These students are misguided if they truly believe the US is worse than a caliphate that beheads people, stones children and rapes women publically as punishment – they have no written law either. Their courts decide your fate on a whim – resulting in cases like the 13 girl raped twice in public for attending school. Yeah – we are terrible over here and should adopt Sharia law like that because it is clearly better for us and the US is such an evil place to live and work. ISIS is the best!!!!!!!

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