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!! OMG, stop the presses and break open the expensive champagne: Beyonce got BANGS! !!

CUTE! Beyonce gets Bettie Page bangs [celebitchy]
Archer will be dropping the name ISIS from its show because… well, it strikes fear into the hearts of all its viewers [popbytes]
Ke$ha sues Dr.Luke, claiming he sexually and physically abused her over a 10 year span [dlisted]
Zac Efron and his new beard land in Copenhagen [socialite life]
Trans woman in critical condition following NYC hate crime attack [towleroad]
50 ShadesJamie Dornan for British Vogue [ohlala]
Tatum, Dornan and Butler get in shape and suit up for latest roles [kenneth]
The stars of the gay adult film world come out for the HUSTLABALL [boy culture]
Kyrgyzstan set to ban “Gay Propaganda”, making being gay illegal [joemygod]
Did Russia’s clean air cure Gerard Depardieu‘s gayness [queerty]
Are comic book films starting to show their cracks? [unrealitymag]
The Top 10 worst Marvel Comic films [celeb cafe]

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