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!! OMG, that thong tha-thong-thong-thong! Nick Carter wears blue banana hammock reignites teen crushes everywhere !!

It was 18 years ago that Nick Carter was a twinky member of The Backstreet Boys.
Well, on a recent episode of VH1’s I Heart Nick CarterNick calls himself a ‘Fatstreet Boy’ and goes to the doctor for a non-invasive fat zapping procedure which puts him in nothing but a tiny blue thong that matches his eyes. Check it out after the NSFW jump.

[via ontd]

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    Young boy? He’s 34 years old.

    He has an average body, he may not be ripped or super firm but he looks OK. Too many people have body image issues, and think that unless they look like a model or hit the gym three times a day they are worthless and ugly. On a side note, I sure wouldn’t call a 34 year old a young boy, but then again I’ve never really been a fan of his anyway.

    He looks fine, I wouldn’t have a problem playing with that naked body. Yeah, a little more time at the gym would probably firm up that middle area (it’s my problem spot too), but he still looks good out of clothes.

    Sad that he thinks he is ‘fat’. That’s just normal for someone who isn’t 21 anymore. I think he looks just fine. No wonder so many people have body hang-ups.

    he also looks good to me! Lifting would suit him better than lipo.

    He looks good to me. Lets just say I wouldn’t turn him down if he wanted to bed my ass. Sure wish he wouldn’t shave his chest though…Love the headshot above. yummm!

    Wonder what the hell he’s go stuffed in there.

    He is a young boy with a “corn feed” body, and nice chubby dick long enough to hit the “P” spot. He looks soft and cuddly, he just might be for me.

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