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!! OMG, first look at James Franco and Zachary Quinto as boyfriends in Gus Van Sant-produced ‘MICHAEL’ !!

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 12.53.04 AM.png
I know what you’re thinking! Can two bottoms have a successful relationship? Is this believable!?

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    I have to agree (dream) with Adam. I Think it would be well worth Zachs time, to let Adam and me Undress him, study his manley body, front and back, then take our time to arouse him in ways “we” both can….and see for our selfs..Whats UP^, and see if he measures UP^. Wadda think Adam? U in? Take care man. JR.

    I bet Zachary cock has mad girth…wow…can you imagine the thickness. And that hair on his ass and belly. Fuck. Fuck yeah!

    I don’t think Quinto IS a bottom. For him to be a bottom we would also have to believe that Jonathan Groff and his new ugly model boyfriend are tops.

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