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!! OMG, he’s naked: French footballer Thomas Toure !!

French footballer Thomas Toure had a little bit of a slip during one of his games, which resulted in a GIF I thought you might appreciate. “What type of GIF?” you ask! Find it after the NSFW jump!


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    OMG, I’d love to suck it deep

    Me likey like like. Me drooley drool drool.

    Yum! That’s a big piece of yummy meat! Wow! Mercy Beaucoup! Thank god he’s circumcised! Plus points! Sexy man!

    Love that he is a big,fat,clean cut cock! 🙂

    You circumcised/uncircumcised freaks do get that 99% of the time it’s not their decision whether or not to be cut or uncut. (same with you size queens)


    Now THAT is what you should be falling out over! That is a “nice peen”…….LOL

    Damn!!!! Look at that meat swing! Mmmmmm!

    Ugh, circumcised? Next.


    Oh mercy!

    That’s one delicious chocolate bar right there!

    He’s very well equipped too!

    Fantastic dick

    Big, floppy, bouncy bits! Ahhhhh….
    Thank you!

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