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!! OMG, he’s naked: K-FED aka Britney’s baby-daddy Kevin Federline !!

The moment you all have been waiting for! K-Fed‘s babymaker has made its internet debut! Annnnd if that idea doesn’t turn you on, then get excited first by clicking the video below BEFORE you hit the NSFW jump! POPOZAO!


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    Looks like that could be Kevin Falk – the gay porn star who is almost a dead ringer for Kevin Federline.

    Although I think this pic is obviously fake, there has to be some reason so many women sleep with him. A big dong is as good a reason as any I guess.

    ugly uncut dick matches the ugly uncouth man!

    Ugly uncut cock on an ugly uncouth man! 🙁

    So that’s why she married him

    That’s a pretty nice cock. And he is uncut. Yum

    I hate to admit it, but I always knew that piece of trash was hung.

    Damn, KFed has some meat .. Also, this confirms that the bj video really was he and Britney

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