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!! OMG, dude, it’s DUD! Intel Owes You $15 If Your Computer 14 Years Ago Had a Pentium 4 Processor !!

15 years after the fact, Intel is paying out 15 dollars to any customer that can prove they were sold a Dell in 2000 or 2001 after a class action lawsuit that alleged the company made up performance benchmarks for its Pentium 4 processor was won.The company is also being forced to donate $4 million to charities focused on education as part of the ruling!
So, if you bought a Dell between Nov. 20, 2000, and Dec. 31, 2001 you’re entitled to 15 bones from Intel! I hope you kept the receipt so you can treat yourself to lunch at Sizzler. Or spend it like this dude would, and buy a giant bong:

[via slate]

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    Always found this guy weirdly fuckable. Go figure. Still do.

    @BLZR…he was actually the ‘Dell Dude’ known as Steven…during his time as the Dell dude, he got busted for buying marijuana and he was terminated. He is still around. His real name is Ben Curtis (he has an imdb page). He also did a video of Where are they now on the Business Insider, which you can google.

    Sidenote: didn’t that Intel rep die or go to prison or something along those lines?

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