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!! OMG, Mom complains after dollar store fairy wand is found to contain a secret demonic bonus image !!

Dayton, Ohio, mother Nicole Allen lost her shit this week when she discovered that a magical fairy wand she had bought for her daughter — one that looked like an innocent toy — was actually birthed from the bowels of Hell.

After giving the toy to her sweet two-year-old daughter, the young girl promptly peeled off its foil cover, revealing a vivid image of a big-eyed, bloody-toothed demon lady slitting her wrist.

Though, there WAS one detail Nicole missed — and that is that the package was called “The Evil Stick” — but also contained the message “I can send out wonderful music!” which was written on a snowflake…
Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 6.20.11 AM.png
The dollar store owner (who has a lot of GALL) says he’ll remove the wand if he gets MORE complaints, and that kids see this stuff on TV everyday. Love him. Money is his priority, and shamelessly down to the DOLLAR. He’s sort of right in the sense that the stores are already stocked with Satanic undertones with toys like Dora… or Bratz…
[via gawker]

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