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!! OMG, dix-cifix! Tom Ford stirs up controversy with his penis crucifix necklaces !!

Tom Ford has bitches up in arms this holiday season with a $790 crucifix-inspired phallus necklace AKA his “penis pendant necklace”. Them good Christian folk aren’t having any of this filth, and have taken to Twitter to share their OUTRAGE:
Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 3.25.48 PM.pngThoughts? Tacky or would you buy this flith proudly?

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    Hahaha! Them good Christian folk r teh stoopidz. And religious bigotry is completely acceptable — not to mention fun — when directed at the right people.

    I agree with other posters, in fact, this would be the ONLY way I’d wear crucifix. Jesus died for MY sins? If you ask me, he over reacted.

    I would buy it, just to piss people off.

    REALLY??? As a gay man, I am personally tired of anything designed or produced that makes us look like perverts. I am all for creativity, but nothing that will willingly cross the line. Inspire yes, create negative controversy no.

    I”d buy it if I could afford his jewelry. The symbol of the cross is not sacred unless you make it so.

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