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!! OMG, gossip: Latvian politician resigns after praising Nazi extermination of gays !!

At least she’ll always have her looks! [towleroad]
“The call is coming from inside the Sketti…” Someone was sending Mama June death threats y’all! [dlisted]
Have a seat Marnie! DIVINE was the best female Peter Pan ever [queerty]
Kirk Cameron‘s Saving Christmas mess is in the IMDB BOTTOM 100 (insert bottom joke here) [joemygod]
Benedict Cumberbatch is Marvel‘s Doctor Strange [socialite life]
The Ariana Grande Latte One Pump No Whip Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show meme that’s sweeping the net [unrealitymag]
STOP THE PRESSES: Blake Lively stopped dying her hair whilst pregnant [celebitchy]
James Marsden and Kate Mara for YahooStyle [ohlala]
The cast of The Suicide Squad is revealed [popbytes]
What’s better than a letter from Richard Simmons!? [boy culture]
Posters for rom-coms that never happened [kenneth]
The Top 10 moments from The Walking Dead mid-season finale [celeb cafe]

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