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!! OMG, listen to the first single from Mike Simonetti’s Pale Blue project !!

Pale Blue.jpg
When the press release for Mike Simonetti’s Pale Blue project arrived in our inbox, we immediately set to work designing an !! omgblog !! Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 collection just so we could end our runway presentation with his dreamy first single, “The Past We Leave Behind.”
Simonetti is a DJ, producer, Whitney Houston fan and co-founder of record label Italians Do It Better, which he has now left to focus on the label he started with Captured Tracks founder Mike Sniper, 2MR (Two Mikes Records). The imprint’s first release will be Pale Blue’s debut album, also called The Past We Leave Behind.
The record, which comes out on April 14, primarily features singer Elizabeth Wight and “is a response to modern dance music and its constant fluctuations. It intentionally bears no obvious singles, nor club hits,” according to the aforementioned press release. Give ‘er a whirl below:

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