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!! OMG, ain’t 2 proud 2 beg: TLC launch Kickstarter asking fans to fund their next and LAST album together !!

Want to hear one last album from 90’s R&B icons TLC before they pack it in? Well, you could have a hand in making that happen! The band has set up a Kickstarter page asking for donations to help them produce and release it, which they refer to as their final album.

The smallest pledges of $5 and $10 don’t include the finished record, but for $15 you get the digital album plus a “PDF of a handwritten list of our 15 favorite songs” and a remix. Those willing to spend a bit more can get a shoutout in the album booklet, a video tutorial of TLC dance moves, signed vinyl or a personal voicemail message.

Hey – the music industry isn’t what it used to be, and times are tough — so a bands gotta do what a bands gotta do! You can donate to the band HERE.

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