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!! OMG, it’s the premiere: Light Fires ‘Call It Like That’ !!

We’re proud to premiere the fifth video from Light Fires‘ album FACE. “Call It Like That” is a contemplative pop song with lush, melancholy production and new wave synth hooks. Cozy, sad and introspective, it’s music for short winter days that are getting brighter.
The video is directed by filmmaker Mark Pariselli and features a blend of live concert footage (from a wild show in Sackville, NB) and 16mm black and white film.
FACE is available for purchase on iTunes and Bandcamp.
Upcoming Light Fires shows:
February 28
Blow Pony in Portland, OR
May 2
“Do I have to do everything my f*cking self”
Regina from Light Fires one-woman show
National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Canada

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