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!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: Rihanna’s cover of Madonna’s VOGUE leaks !!

Someone at the karaoke bar has some explaining to do! What some are calling a “cover” of Madonna‘s Vogue by Rihanna has hit the internet, but it sort sounds more to us like a live board recording from a bar over the original track. What do you think of RiRi’s cover?

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    Just imagine if Gaga covered a Madonna song, the shit she would get for it “copy” But when Rihanna does it, its okay! SMH!

    No where near as good as Madonna’s. Just not that good….should stick to new not covers….

    WHY???? There is nothing new about this – the music is an exact duplicate and her signing is so-so. So again – why???

    This is old… from (fashion rocks) 2008 rihanna covered this song and preformed it live

    Not bad…

    it’s from her fashion rocks performance in 2008

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