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!! OMG, he’s naked: WWE wrestling superstar Seth Rollins !!

WWE wrestler Seth Rollins‘ girlfriend found out that she wasn’t the only girl Seth was body-slammin’ and pinning to the mat afterhours, so she took to her Twitter to share some sexy snaps of Seth. That betch! You can thank her later… Check him out after the NSFW jump!


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    nice dick love to suck it

    Menudo búfalo, le imagino dominándome e invistiéndome con fuerza.

    its not small.. to the above comments. just looks average… which is normal

    just looks like a regualar sized boner lol. no flacid penis points forward lol

    He looks good. Nice cock.

    he have too good body but his dick is small i wish his dick size @ 9″ then i love to suck it till cums out

    Anyone have a link to the full size picture for the second image?

    I could work with that! His body is seriously on point…

    She didn’t shame him at all! His hometown is across the river from where I live, and I often fantasize him naked… WOW!! If anything, we should be thanking his fiance’!!

    YOWZA. YES, Please… 😛

    If she was trying to shame him, she did a poor job. he looks damn fine!

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