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!! OMG, Photoshop artist alters celebrity females like Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian to make them appear more like “real women” !!

David Lopera, 20, makes his living digitally altering photos to make celebrities appear bigger, and closer to a realistic female standard of women living today.
His manipulated image of Katy Perry sparked the interest of customers who he says have now sent over 200 requests in the last year to alter celebs. Check out some more of David’s revisions after the jump!

[via dailymail]

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    He makes a living doing this? Well, given his “skills” he must be broke all the time…

    The KK one looks unaltered to me..

    Hey Tarina, I think the term “real women” is inter-changable with the word “average” when applied to physical attrbutes of women in the USA today. His representations of the “real” American body is spot on … statistically speaking (and that’s his point).
    Don’t take it personally that you’re not the average American woman physically.

    i guess he must be really into obese women.
    and lonely.
    he must be really lonely.

    What the hell is this “real women” crap? I don’t look like these pics, does that mean I’m not real? You have to be overweight to be considered a real woman these days? Jesus.

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