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!! OMG, quote of the day: One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson’s “I’m gay and it’s pretty unfortunate!” video fuckery !!

One Direction fangirls are at it again! Obsessing over this clip of member Louis Tomlinson supposedly yelling out “I’M GAY! IT’S PRETTY UNFORTUNATE!”.
Watch this clip at least 20 times, in true fangirl manner, before deciding for yourself. How could Louis really say that? How DARE he!

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    He didn’t say he was gay. That’s just the Larry tinhats at it again. Someone came up to him and said he shared Louis’ birthday. To which Louis said “that’s pretty unfortunate”. Louis’ birthday is xmas eve. Mystery solved!
    This came from people who were actually there. Not some Larry tinhat that turns everything into Louis and Harry being gay.

    I am not really sure what he is saying. It all sounds pretty unintelligible.

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