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!! OMG, gossip: Dan Savage challenges Ben Carson “Suck my dick and see if that makes you gay!” !!

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 7.51.10 PM.png
Dan Savage is my hero EDITION 107,483, 201: Calls doctor out to prove that being gay is a choice by asking him to suck his dick to prove his point [joemygod]
Die Antwoord calls Drake a “massive faggot” on Instagram, then deletes it [queerty]
Here’s what the basic new Supergirl looks like [dlisted]
If X-Men has been directed by Wes Anderson [socialite life]
Leann Rimes cancels her tour to keep an eye on Eddie Cibrian [celebitchy]
RIP Playgirl model and documentary filmmaker Dirk Shafer [boy culture]
Who has their forehead tattooed on the cover of your free weekly gay rag THIS week? [kenneth]
Totally inappropriate moments from children’s books [unrealitymag]
All women’s Wellesley College to accept transgender students for the first time [towleroad]
That nude dude escaping from Buckingham palace was a promo for an E! show. Put a face to the bum [ohlala]
Ten awkward child stars who grew into gorge adults [celeb cafe]

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