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!! OMG, gossip: Kim Kardashian proves herself a respectable human being, speaks out in support of trans acceptance and her step-father Bruce Jenner !!

Kim Kardashian speaks out in support of her newly-out, transgender step-parent Bruce Jenner [dlisted]

Adam Lambert chats about sleeping with closeted movie stars [socialite life]

Rumour Willis turns it out on the red carpet [celebitchy]

Tom Hardy covers Entertainment Weekly as MAD MAX [boy culture]

Baltimore governor declares state of emergency as riots get out of control [joemygod]

2 gay teen athletes share prom together. Hearts melt n stuff [queerty]

WATCH: CNET attempts to destroy the Apple Watch [towleroad]

Swoon! Model Pietro Boselli for Charlie [ohlala]

Doctors bettah up they privacy settin’z, hon! [kenneth]

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