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!! OMG, Your Body! Did Christina Aguilera buy a little more cushion for the pushin’? Goes public with much bigger ass !!


Butts are in! There’s no doubt about it! So if you’re a popstar in spotlight, you either get publicly shamed from douchebag EDM producers for not having one (ehem, Diplo vs Taylor Swift) or you go out and buy one I guess?

Here’s Xtina this week, stepping out with a much fuller behind! Either those Spanx have two baked hams inside, or girlfriend’s been doing her squats! What do you think? Either way, we think she looks good!

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    Just losing the spare tire around her waist might make her ass stand out more.

    This is a very sexist article and articles like this need to be condemned. Who care what size CA’s rear end is. She’s got a whole lot more talent than the writer of this article.

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